Saturday, November 7, 2009

Twitter Lists and the power they can lend to you

So you have a blog or a web site or are just attempting to find new marketing avenues.

You have looked at Twitter but don't (there are some people out there that still don't get the potential for this platform) understand how this can be an effective tool in you arsenal.

maybe it's time that you take another look.

Twitter has added a new gadget. Twitter lists.

The Twitter list is simple in design and functionality. It is a direct marketing application that can help you get your message out and across the planet, (yes planet) in an instant.

Think back to the plane that landed in the Hudson river. The picture taken of the plane was international in less than 5 minutes all because someone posted it on Twitter. News outlets were using the picture. People in Tokyo had seen the picture before a news anchor had seen it in New york. That's pure power marketing potential, and that was on basic Twitter with out an add on gadget.

Twitter Lists are changing the game.

The trick is not to really have a list. The trick is to get included on a list.

If you can get onto lists your tweets will appear on sites and blogs, which are more than likely going to be related to the niche you are in.

Lists are time-lines you build yourself, consisting of friends, family, co-workers, sports teams, political affiliations, news outlets, you name it.

You need to build the right audience on Twitter and post often.

Make your posts clear and direct. make sure that you have useful information that will have people want to follow you. People that use twitter for straight marketing without introducing a human side to there tweets will fail in there marketing attempts.