Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Step 2: So you got accepted to AdSense, now what?

Google reviewed your blog or website and has accepted you in the AdSense Affiliate program.
Congratulations! You have over come the first big hurdle in finding a way to make money with your hobby or past time. Enjoy the moment.

Ready to get to work?

Now you have to set up your ads. Otherwise you can't start making money.

Keep in mind:
You can now display ads on any site you want. Once you got accepted, you are considered an AdSense publisher. There is no need to ask for approval to display AdSense ads on other websites or blogs you may run beyond the one you submitted with your initial application.

In order for AdSense ads to be displayed on your blog, you need to insert the code into your blog’s code. You can either do this manually, or, you can use a plugin (the plugin option only works with Wordpress self hosted blogs, namely blogs set up on your own domain, using Wordpress install). Many people use a plugin called AdSense Deluxe, but this is not the only one out there. What ever plugin you choose to use make sure it does not break Google’s terms of service for AdSense or what we will refer to it as from now on as the TOS.

If you do what I do and do not use a plugin but rather use Google's AdSense site itself, the code is automatically generated by Google. All you have to do is choose the ads style, blocks type, size, and colors. I use a basic Google recommended settings here on the Android Blog. I also have an added perk here. Since this is a Blogspot blog it is hosted by Google and the AdSense code is in Widget form and already to insert into the blog just by a simple click of the mouse.

Just a few simple things to keep in mind at this point are the color and sizes. Make sure your ad colors blend with the site that they are placed on. Don't place a neon green banner with bright yellow text and a black border around it on your site if the background colors don't match it. You want to make the ads blend with the surroundings. They need to feel natural. Allow both text and graphic ads to be placed. Some people prefer to allow only text ads but I have found that both will draw attention and will have the desired effect if the content and the blog is well crafted and designed properly. Do Not encourage people to click! You will get banned. You have made progress into an easy money making program, don't mess up now! Re-read your Google TOS and make sure you do not break the rules! Good luck and get your ads set up!

Any Questions?

Step One: setting up an AdSense account

You need to have at least one site up and running when you submit your application for AdSense inclusion to Google. If you get accepted into the program you will be allowed to put ads on as many blogs or websites as you want to, without having to submit any of them for additional approval.

In order to maximize your chances of getting approved, make sure you are properly prepared:

Write a few posts before applying. There is no rule or hidden indication on the AdSense official site that states that this will help or hinder your chances, but it is better to be safe than sorry.

Make sure you have a few inbound links from other sites. Two of the easy ways to establish inbound links are: comment on other blogs, or post in some forums with links to your site in the signature. The best would be to find blogs and forums related to your blog topic. When you do this, try to contribute to the conversation, don’t post garbage posts. You will understand why as your blog starts to get comments like “Cool”, or “Nice” or "wow, really informative". If you write about the topic of the blog you are visiting, you must be interested in it, so you must have something smart to say. If you spam, you’ll get banned or your comment simply will get deleted.

Submit the best of your posts to the major Social Media sites. You don’t need to get on the front page of any of these sites. In fact you will get traffic from simply submitting your site. Some of the major Social Media sites require some type of interaction but it is generally minimal in time and effort.

Please keep in mind that none of the ideas or suggestions outlined above are required to get accepted into the AdSense Affiliate program. However, the more effort you put into your site or blog in the beginning the easier it will be to set it on auto pilot sooner rather than later. In addition the more time you put in before you submit your application the more chances you have to get approved.

Here is the application form you need to fill in and submit. Make sure you read it carefully.
Also read the Google AdSense Program Policies before you submit your application data. Make sure you follow the Program Policies. If you go against the TOS or the PP they will find out and you will get kicked out of the program.

The approval process can take from a day as in my case to approximately 2 weeks. If you don’t get an answer right away do not re-submit your application. You can write and ask what your status is but for the most part just hang in there. In case of rejection, you will be notified by Google by e-mail. Don't worry, you can re-apply shortly.

Any Questions?

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Putting Adsense on auto pilot in your blog

Many bloggers want to get the AdSense code from Google inside of the posts that they write. It can help in many ways. But placing the AdSense unit inside of the post is not the only way to get more activity out of your adsense unit. One of the best ways to make your blog work for you is to actually write a blog that edeals directly with information that interests other people. It needs to be thoughtfully written and have a clean feel to it. Simply finding another blog that interests you and making a copy of the posts in that blog and pasting them on yoru blog will not do the trick.

Maybe many of you have experienced the “post-blog launch depression“: you write and write, and write, you research and document your posts very well, yet no acknowledgment comes from the market. With barely any traffic and no subscribers, nobody would ever buy advertising on your site, because there is no potential benefit for the advertisers.

AdSense is one method of monetizing your blog. You start from Day 1. Now that does not mean you will be making lots of cash with in your first week. Sometimes it can take months to realize your blogs cash flow potential.

Here you will learn how to use AdSense to your advantage, you’ll learn how to start using it on your blog, from applying and getting accepted, to tracking and fine-tuning your ads. If you you are interested in putting some extra cash in your pocket while spending just a few minutes a day, you should either bookmark this page (press Ctrl+D on your keyboard) or

We are not only going to look at AdSense here but several other systems I use to run my Android Cash Experiment and enjoy a little extra spending money to get the things my family and I want.
  • The overall system is simple enough
  • There is no minimum traffic limit to get accepted into the program.
  • There is no minimum posts number that you have reach.
  • It is easy to implement the system on blogs (Wordpress blogs can use the advantage of special AdSense insertion plugins) and on web pages of all types. Including PHP.
Making the maximum money from the least amount of work:
Optimizing the ads for maximum revenue is easy to do, all you need is attention and discipline. No programming skills are required in order to track your results. No special skills are required to find a fast track toward making returns on your time investment for blogging.

I will show you how to do this in some of the next posts here.

Any Questions?

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Yahoo Crash today

Yahoo director Carl Icahn said Wednesday that he had "no knowledge" of any effort by former AOL chief Jonathan Miller to buy all or part of Yahoo.

The Wall Street Journal on Tuesday reported that Miller has been trying to raise money from private-equity investors and sovereign-wealth funds to purchase all or part of the struggling Internet giant.

Shares in Yahoo closed flat at $11.50 on Wednesday and were down 2% in recent after-hours activity.

At that it should be no surprise that the Yahoo outage today has many people shocked and angry and a little nervouse. Yahoo Services went down System Wide.

Some are reporting that the System Servers that provide messenger and 360 are DOWN for Maintenance and set up of the new BETAYahoo! Messenger with Voice (Beta version 8)

Nope. SOrry folks that not true. The real story is that the Yahoo servers crashed. The problem, first observed at around 3:40 P.m. Eastern Time, appears to have affected users in the Eastern United States and Canada who were trying to reach .

The problem appeared to have been resolved by about 5 p.m.
Yahoo didn't have much to say about the crash. The company confirmed in a statement that it had "a disruption in service earlier today that affected users in some geographic areas."

A Yahoo employee named reported that the problem was triggered by a Juniper T1600 router that "went kablooie."

"This is primarily affecting traffic coming through Ashburn, Virginia," 5:16 p.m. Eastern Time. "We're aware of the issue and have put workarounds in place; you should be back up and functional for the moment, though not in an optimal state."

Any Questions?