Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Step 2: So you got accepted to AdSense, now what?

Google reviewed your blog or website and has accepted you in the AdSense Affiliate program.
Congratulations! You have over come the first big hurdle in finding a way to make money with your hobby or past time. Enjoy the moment.

Ready to get to work?

Now you have to set up your ads. Otherwise you can't start making money.

Keep in mind:
You can now display ads on any site you want. Once you got accepted, you are considered an AdSense publisher. There is no need to ask for approval to display AdSense ads on other websites or blogs you may run beyond the one you submitted with your initial application.

In order for AdSense ads to be displayed on your blog, you need to insert the code into your blog’s code. You can either do this manually, or, you can use a plugin (the plugin option only works with Wordpress self hosted blogs, namely blogs set up on your own domain, using Wordpress install). Many people use a plugin called AdSense Deluxe, but this is not the only one out there. What ever plugin you choose to use make sure it does not break Google’s terms of service for AdSense or what we will refer to it as from now on as the TOS.

If you do what I do and do not use a plugin but rather use Google's AdSense site itself, the code is automatically generated by Google. All you have to do is choose the ads style, blocks type, size, and colors. I use a basic Google recommended settings here on the Android Blog. I also have an added perk here. Since this is a Blogspot blog it is hosted by Google and the AdSense code is in Widget form and already to insert into the blog just by a simple click of the mouse.

Just a few simple things to keep in mind at this point are the color and sizes. Make sure your ad colors blend with the site that they are placed on. Don't place a neon green banner with bright yellow text and a black border around it on your site if the background colors don't match it. You want to make the ads blend with the surroundings. They need to feel natural. Allow both text and graphic ads to be placed. Some people prefer to allow only text ads but I have found that both will draw attention and will have the desired effect if the content and the blog is well crafted and designed properly. Do Not encourage people to click! You will get banned. You have made progress into an easy money making program, don't mess up now! Re-read your Google TOS and make sure you do not break the rules! Good luck and get your ads set up!

Any Questions?

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