Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Yahoo Crash today

Yahoo director Carl Icahn said Wednesday that he had "no knowledge" of any effort by former AOL chief Jonathan Miller to buy all or part of Yahoo.

The Wall Street Journal on Tuesday reported that Miller has been trying to raise money from private-equity investors and sovereign-wealth funds to purchase all or part of the struggling Internet giant.

Shares in Yahoo closed flat at $11.50 on Wednesday and were down 2% in recent after-hours activity.

At that it should be no surprise that the Yahoo outage today has many people shocked and angry and a little nervouse. Yahoo Services went down System Wide.

Some are reporting that the System Servers that provide messenger and 360 are DOWN for Maintenance and set up of the new BETAYahoo! Messenger with Voice (Beta version 8)

Nope. SOrry folks that not true. The real story is that the Yahoo servers crashed. The problem, first observed at around 3:40 P.m. Eastern Time, appears to have affected users in the Eastern United States and Canada who were trying to reach .

The problem appeared to have been resolved by about 5 p.m.
Yahoo didn't have much to say about the crash. The company confirmed in a statement that it had "a disruption in service earlier today that affected users in some geographic areas."

A Yahoo employee named reported that the problem was triggered by a Juniper T1600 router that "went kablooie."

"This is primarily affecting traffic coming through Ashburn, Virginia," 5:16 p.m. Eastern Time. "We're aware of the issue and have put workarounds in place; you should be back up and functional for the moment, though not in an optimal state."

Any Questions?

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