Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Putting Adsense on auto pilot in your blog

Many bloggers want to get the AdSense code from Google inside of the posts that they write. It can help in many ways. But placing the AdSense unit inside of the post is not the only way to get more activity out of your adsense unit. One of the best ways to make your blog work for you is to actually write a blog that edeals directly with information that interests other people. It needs to be thoughtfully written and have a clean feel to it. Simply finding another blog that interests you and making a copy of the posts in that blog and pasting them on yoru blog will not do the trick.

Maybe many of you have experienced the “post-blog launch depression“: you write and write, and write, you research and document your posts very well, yet no acknowledgment comes from the market. With barely any traffic and no subscribers, nobody would ever buy advertising on your site, because there is no potential benefit for the advertisers.

AdSense is one method of monetizing your blog. You start from Day 1. Now that does not mean you will be making lots of cash with in your first week. Sometimes it can take months to realize your blogs cash flow potential.

Here you will learn how to use AdSense to your advantage, you’ll learn how to start using it on your blog, from applying and getting accepted, to tracking and fine-tuning your ads. If you you are interested in putting some extra cash in your pocket while spending just a few minutes a day, you should either bookmark this page (press Ctrl+D on your keyboard) or

We are not only going to look at AdSense here but several other systems I use to run my Android Cash Experiment and enjoy a little extra spending money to get the things my family and I want.
  • The overall system is simple enough
  • There is no minimum traffic limit to get accepted into the program.
  • There is no minimum posts number that you have reach.
  • It is easy to implement the system on blogs (Wordpress blogs can use the advantage of special AdSense insertion plugins) and on web pages of all types. Including PHP.
Making the maximum money from the least amount of work:
Optimizing the ads for maximum revenue is easy to do, all you need is attention and discipline. No programming skills are required in order to track your results. No special skills are required to find a fast track toward making returns on your time investment for blogging.

I will show you how to do this in some of the next posts here.

Any Questions?

Don't have an AdSense Account yet? Read Step 1: Setting up an AdSense Account

Do you have an AdSense Account set up but not running ads yet? Read Step 2: Now What?

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