Thursday, March 26, 2009

Raising your Search Engine Position with Back Links

One of the best ways to raise your search engine placement is to show off site popularity. If your site isn’t that popular yet or you just launched it and you don’t know how to make it popular, this will help you out and maybe point you in the right direction. If not you can always go and pay some guy or girl in mom’s basement a few hundred dollars and have him or her do it for you. Of course you wouldn’t know they were in mom’s basement since they more than likely have a web site that is well ranked and is designed with a professional appearance.

Probably the best way to obtain a back link to your site is through anchor text. That is when you have another website with content that is relevant to your own (relevancy is ALWAYS important) including your site in the actual content of their site with a hyperlink inside the text. These back links are valued much higher than a simple sidebar link as long as they appear in the text in a way that has a fluid and meaningful association with the content of the article. There are several ways to get such back links.

My personal favorite is by providing articles to content sites with back links built into the article. If the content you provide is well crafted the embedded link will not stand out as an eyesore, but rather as an added benefit of the content, or content enhancement.

If you write very compelling information on your website, someone else with a similar site may wish to point it out on their own site. They may point a link at you as a reference source or as an expert in a certain subject. That is and should be your goal. You may not even realize they are doing it unless they tell you about it.

This is one of the main reasons it is important to keep an eye on who is back linking to you. While the majority of those types of links are wonderful and will help you gain higher Search Engine Placement with the more links you collect. Don’t forget to thank the site owner for their inclusion on there site. Do it publicly and include a link back to your site. It will give you another natural link from there site and help you out that much more.

But keep in mind if you feel the site that is linking to you does not meet your standards, have similar information, or the content is not relevant to your site, it could damage your rankings. You should definitely ask them to remove any links to your site.

Back linking is an extremely important aspect of SEO development and it is something you need to understand well in order to implement and control it properly. There are many secrets and mysteries in the SEO world that diligent study can clear up. Keeping your website in good standing with the search engines and popular with your visitors is the best way to ensure a vital and profitable future for your business online.

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